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Feeding your microbes with bio-stimulant fertilizers provides them with a rich “microbe” diet. Bio-stimulants are one cost-effective way to keep your microbes alive, flourishing, and working for you, in order that they’ll continue to squeeze the most dollar from the fertilizer that you already regularly apply to your fields.

MycoApply® Mycorrhizal

MycoApply® Ultrafine Endo contains a diverse combination of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi species to help improve nutrient efficiency, drought tolerance, and maximize yield potential.

Life Force BAM™

Life Force BAM is a bio-balancing blend of anerobic organisms that increases nutrient solubilization, improves root development and function, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, improves crop resilience. 

Phyter Seed & Foliar

Phyter is a line of products formulated with a naturally occurring plant biostimulant. The Phyter product line is designed to reduce plant stress.

Life Force Bio-P™

Life Force Bio-P™ is a winning combination of Azotobacter and Bacillus subtilis species that can help you unlock and begin to profit from the insoluble phosphorous reserves that are locked in your soil.

Life Force Bio-N™

Life Force Bio-N contains organisms capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen in the soil giving your crop access to free atmospheric nitrogenAccess to increased levels of nitrogen can help to improve crop production and crop quality

Life Force Bio-Plex™

Life Force Bio-Plex is a foliar inoculant that produces a complex, multi-dimensional growth response resulting from increased nitrogen and vitamin  availability.