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TrueHume 80P

TrueHume 80 soluble humates are produced in an easy to use, powder format, derived from leonardite. The powder is the ideal form for liquifying (solubilizing) humic acid.

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Features & Benefits

When applied directly to soil, humic acid is a powerful fungi promoter, a nitrogen stabilizer and phosphate complexing agent. Along with their natural chelating and complexing properties, humates have the ability of to increase permeability of cells which can improve nutrient uptake by up to 40%. Humates can also buffer pH and reduce the effects of excessive elements (e.g. sodium), toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

What's in TrueHume 80P?

TrueHume Soluble Humates come in either granule or powder formats and contain 80% humic acid and 5% soluble potash, derived from leonardite. They also contain sulfur, calcium, magnesium and iron and trace amounts of iron, manganese, copper and boron.

Guaranteed AnalysisW/V
Soluble Potash5%
Humic Acid80%
Derived from:Leonardite & Potassium Hydroxide


Apply TrueHume 80P as a dry soil amendment or add to fertilizers. Blend with water to create a high-potassium humate solution that can be used in soil, fertigation or foliar applications.  Add to applications of urea to stabilize nitrogen and improve nitrogen efficiency. Add humates along with your phosphate-based fertilizers to reduce phosphate “tie-up”. To formulate a 12% minimum liquid solution of TrueHume 80P, dissolve 1 kg of powder into 8.5 L of water. Agitate thoroughly until completely mixed.

General Purpose: 2-5% of total blend i.e. Mix 2 – 5 kg of TrueHume™ 80P 0-0-5 with every 100 kg of Urea, DAP, MAP, etc., but do not exceed 10 kg per hectare (4 kg per acre) when banded or 20 kg per hectare (8 kg per acre when broadcast.