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Sea-Crop Ocean Mineral Concentrate

Sea-Crop is a naturally-derived concentrate of ocean minerals containing very low levels of sodium chloride. It is widely used to increase tolerance to stress and is a bio-stimulant. Sea-Crop contains 20% solids by weight, which include at least 89 different marine minerals from aluminum to zirconium, as well as organic substances.

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Features & Benefits

Sea-Crop is naturally derived from ocean water and is produced using a special process that protects the enzymes and organic substances that occur in oceans. Over 89 elements and minerals are present in Sea-Crop. These trace elements are presented in a highly available form and provide important enzyme co-factors that enable plants to form more complete compounds.

Adding Sea-Crop to your planting solutions and foliar sprays encourages the formation of complex plant proteins and other compounds. It can also enhance overall plant health and energy and increase plant tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought or extreme heat. University research suggests that Sea-Crop may improve immunity to nematodes and decrease plant sensitivity to salinity. In addition to these benefits, Sea-Crop can stimulate beneficial microbe populations to release more nutrients to your plants.

Application Rates & Guidelines

Sea-Crop liquid concentrate can be used in a soil drench, transplant solution, in irrigation systems, or can be foliar applied. On perennial crops, apply in the fall as a soil drench for best results. On annual crops, apply as a drench at planting. Can be combined with most fertilizers except soluble phosphates. For best results, do not combine Sea-Crop with herbicides.

Sea-Crop is effective for raising the quality of forages when applied at a rate of 2-8 litres per acre, 10-14 days after each cutting. For vegetable crops, we recommend applying 2-3 lires per acre, every 3-4 weeks.

For field crops such as corn and soybeans, we recommend applying 2-8 litres per acre at appropriate plant growth stages. For serious disease issues, increase the rate up to 10x for best response. For field crops, we recommend applying 2-3 litres per acre, every 3-4 weeks.

Sea Crop can also be added to animal water or feed for potential reduced mortality and increased weight gain.