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Triple Ten

Triple Ten™ (10-10-10) is a liquid fertiliser combining a hot mix N-P-K blend, chelated trace elements and natural growth promotants. These natural growth promotants include fulvic acid, seaweed fertiliser and vitamins. Triple Ten™ represents state-of-the-art, crop specific fusion fertilising.

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Whats In Triple Ten?

Triple 10 not only has a 10-10-10 analysis of NPK, but it is also packed with essential background micro-nutrition, amino acids, vitamins, worm castings, triacontanol, and much more. Triple Ten has been created using a hot mix NPK process.

The fun and simple explanation of a hot mix NPK is that the three separate nutrients, N-P-K, are thrown together in a large combustion chamber where they are allowed to react to and explode in one another’s presence. When the fireworks are over and the solution has cooled down, the resulting N-P-K becomes the base for Triple Ten. This N-P-K is a different form than the three raw nutrients that were used to begin the reactive process.

The result is that the Triple Ten N-P-K carries the extra energy from the hot mix process. It is this extra energy that amplifies all of the positive nutrition and bio-stimulating power that is packed into Triple Ten, making it possible to get results at relatively low rates.

Total Nitrogen10.48%
Nitrogen (as urea)5.75%
Nitrogen (as ammonium)4.20%
Nitrogen (as organic)0.53%
Total Phosphorus (P)10.23%
Total Potassium (K)10.69%
Potassium (as phosphate)10.20%
Potassium (as organic)0.42%
Potassium (as hydroxide)0.05%
Potassium (as silicate)0.02%
Sulfur (S)0.22%
Iron (Fe)1459 mg/L
Zinc (Zn)743 mg/L
Manganese (Mn)607 mg/L
Calcium (Ca)558 mg/L
Boron (B)347 mg/L
Selenium (Se)198 mg/L
Copper (Cu)197 mg/L
Molybdenum (Mo)39 mg/L