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Interrow Cultivator

Should be the first machine on the organic farm after the seeder. Works for grains all the way to fruits and vegetables and everything in between.

Economical and Effective Weed Management

The machines are rigid or hydraulically foldable, can be front or rear mounted. Every row has an individual parallelogram. Stepless row width adjustment by loosening one screw on the parallelogramm. Each parallelogram has smooth spindle adjustment with a ball bearing farmflex wheel depth control. Offered with rubber of flanged support wheels.


Highly adjustable vibration spring tines with duck foot shovels (hollow pin), available in 150mm, 200m, 250mm and 300mm sizes.


The classic “corn” tool carrier mounted with s-tines and duck foot shares. Helps  to break the crust and work out weeds between the plant rows.