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Life Force BAM™

Life Force BAM is a bio-balancing blend of anerobic organisms that increases nutrient solubilization, improves root development and function, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, improves crop resilience.

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Features & Benefits

Life Force BAM is a bio-balancing blend of anerobic organisms that increases nutrient solubilization, improves root development and function, fixes atmospheric nitrogen, improves crop resilience. BAM (Beneficial Anaerobic Microbes) is a liquid microbial inoculum that can be used to produce superior compost in a fraction of the time. It is also effective to treat stagnant manure ponds. It is highly effective as a compost accelerant, stubble digestor, pathogen suppressor, it can detoxify chemical residues, and more.

Non-pathogenic groups of anaerobes can offer profound benefits in the soil, on the leaf, in manure pits, in composting, when bailing high moisture forage crops, and as an animal probiotic. Unlike pathogenic bacteria, these organisms ferment rather than putrefy, and they offer a truly impressive set of benefits.

There are no other single options available that can reduce chemical and fertilizer requirements, increase humus, cleanse water holes, sanitize sewerage, spark animal health and performance, improve the nutrient value of animal feed, and dramatically improve the sustainability and potential of composting.

What's In Life Force BAM

BAM contains a blend of over 80 different beneficial microbial organisms including lactobacillus, purple non-sulfur bacteria, fermenting fungi, yeast, and actinomycetes. Life Force BAM is a liquid microbial product with a pH of between 2.5 – 4.0.

The anaerobes contained within BAM are some of the few organisms capable of removing dioxins from water and soil, and have proved to be highly effective as antagonists of disease organisms. Lactobacilli are found in the gut and on the skin of all living organisms. They are found in every soil and on every leaf surface. Their abundance signals their importance.

A second group of organisms found in BAM™ include several species of probiotic yeasts. These include several Saccharomyces strains known to promote plant growth and resilience. Fermenting fungi and actinomycetes are also included to enhance humus building, while improving the protective, beneficial balance.


Compost Addition:
Apply 1 L/m3. Dilute with water and distribute throughout the pile in layers as it is built. For best results, cover the compost pile with a secure tarp to create anaerobic conditions. After 8 weeks, the composting process will be complete.

Life Force BAM can also be used in aerobic compost to considerably speed the process, however the anaerobic method is preferred. Speak to an Agriculture Solutions representative for more detail.

Effluent Ponds:
For use in effluent ponds, use 200 – 1000 L depending on pond size and condition. Apply at multiple points around the periphery of the pond to help cleanse the water and remove algae.

Seed Treatment:
5 L/tonne of seed. Mix with sufficient water for good coverage. Include with SeedSpark™ at recommended rates for best results (total mixture should not exceed 12 L/tonne of seed). Spot Spraying, Use 30 – 50 mL per 10 L of water, as required.

Horticulture, Ornamentals and Turf, 2 – 12 L/ac, weekly or as required.

Drip-off Plant Drench:
To improve resilience of stressed plants, dilute 1:500 with water and thoroughly wet foliage, stem/trunk beyond the point of run-off to include a root zone soak. Repeat monthly or as required.

Horticulture, Ornamentals & Turf:
Use 300 mL – 1 L per 100 L of water up to 3 L/ac, weekly or as required.

Septic Treatment:
125 mL down the toilet once a month. Because it contains live micro-organisms, do not mix Life Force BAM with fungicides/bactericides, toxic chemicals or soil fumigants.