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Tine Harrow

The Hatzenbichler “Original Harrow” remains the best alternative to chemical weed control available.

The Original Harrow

The first Hatzenbichler “Original Harrow” was first produced in 1952 and remains today to be the best alternative to chemical weed control available.

It can be used in almost all the crops, like cereals, corn, lentils, peas, flax, soybeans, potatoes, vegetables and pastures. It is also possible to use the harrow together with pneumatic seeding machine for establishing cover/inter/relay crops (see cover crop seeder).

Tine Harrow - Tines

The Tines

They are specially shaped tines for in crop weeding with 6, 7 or 8mm diameter options available. They are designed to optimize the vibration effect through triple coiling. Made of oil-tempered hardened spring wire, it has a long working life with minimal breakage/wear.

The harrow section’s design with the tines staggered over 6 rows allows for 7.38” spacing between tines in a single row (48 tines per section), allowing for more residue to flow through without plugging. This also allows for more weight (pressure) per tine which helps pull out larger weeds without compromising on contouring (harrow section can hang on chains and does not need to be rigid).

The aggressiveness and the tine pressure of the tines can be adjusted centrally through a hydraulic metering system or mechanically at each harrow section (10 Settings). The angle aggressiveness of the tines can go from (>90°) to (<90°). The metering system also ensures you have even pressure and settings throughout the harrow.

The Harrow

The goal of the harrow is to keep the weeds at a minimum level and to break the crust in order to stop the capillary effect (water evaporation). It also helps stimulate tillering, branching and vegetative growth. Another common use is for blind harrowing after planting.

The harrow is made with a special steel frame and each harrow section is individually suspended on chains, which is ideal for ground contouring.

The flexible harrow section guarantees perfect ground contouring. The gyroscopic effect of the tines triple coil design increases its weeding ability and ensures 100% of the soil surface is worked. The protected spring coil in the u-frame prevents pinching off the tips of plants, which allows for later in crop applications.

Tine Harrow - Harrow