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A micronized liquid suspension of silicon fertilizer that boosts cell strength and improves flowering and fruit set. Silicon is a cell-strengthening element missing in many fertility programs. It is known to boost resistance to pathogen attack and to enhance photosynthesis.

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What's in Dia-Life?

Dia-Life™ is comprised of micronized diatomaceous earth, which contains amorphous silica and is made of microscopic and fossilized remains of diatoms. Boron is also included in the formulation. Dia-Life™ contains around 0.70% boron, which is a silica synergist, along with a range of micronutrients. It is highly plant-available and helps improve flowering, fruit-set, and resilience to environmental stressors.

Application Rates & Guidelines

Dia-Life™ can be fertigated, foliar sprayed, or injected at planting. Common applications include horticultural crops, turf, pasture, as well as field crops. We recommend using Dia-Life™ as part of a proactive fertility program to improve crop health and resistance to disease and insect attack. Regular foliar applications ensure a steady supply of silicon, which is often immobile within plants.

Typical AnalysisW/V
Magnesium221 mg/L
SG 1.2
Conductivity2.5-4 mS/cm
AppearanceThick, light brownish grey liquid, citrus odour