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Hatzenbichler Equipment

Designed and manufactured in Austria, Hatzenbichler equipment provides farmers with innovative equipment to help improve yields and efficiency. With modern machinery and new technology in production, Hatzenbichler equipment is the highest quality product available.

Camera Steering Hitch

Camera steering assistant allows for more more accurate, efficient and convenient mechanical inter-row cultivation or harrowing.

Interrow Cultivator

Economical and effective weed management. Works for grains all the way to fruits and vegetables and everything in between.

Pneumatic Seeding Machines

Robustly built, with easy installation and handling, Hatzenbichler’s Pneumatic Seeding Machines are perfect for dispersal of almost all commercial seed or fertilizer types.

Rollstar Inter-row Cultivator

Mechanical weed control for corn, potatoes and special cultures. High working speed and large area output.

Rotary Hoe

Helps remove small weeds and loosens crusted or compacted soil to aid in crop emergence.

Seedbed Cultivator

Through years of experience and constant modification of the Hatzenbichler cultivator has become a perfect machine for seedbed preparation.

Tine Harrow

The Hatzenbichler “Original Harrow” remains the best alternative to chemical weed control available.

Golf Course Harrow

Effective weed control, aeration of the sward and scarifying the golf grass.